5 Important Tips to Naples Property Search


You have done all the preparation to start your home search, you know how to pay for it, you know your time frame, exactly your needs and wishes and where in the future you like to call “home”!

Now it´s time to start your home search!

The first Step you should go is get informed, to not pay to much.


The real estate market ebbs and flows depending on a lot of factors, like fed interest rates, inventory (is it a buyer or sellers market), cost of living in the area, gentrification, etc. It’s important to:

  • Get trustful information about the local market – every location is different!
  • Find out about the active listings matching to your needs and wants list you made.
  • Find out about the last sales in this special area – the average sales prices, amount of sales, days on the market etc.
  • Compare the prices
  • Get a feel for the pricing so when you find your dream home you can be sure you don’t pay too much!
How to choose the right real estate agent


Online: The best way to search for your property is online. There are tons of property pages in the web from real estate portals to single agent websites. It is up to you which source you will trust and you feel comfortable to search in. On the single agents websites you can search like you would search in a portal but you can get even more information if the agent is specialist in a special area.

Newspaper: If you love to browse pictures only – go for it – but honestly it is more time consuming than finding the right property online. Newspaper advertisement is more a image advertisement for the agent and not geared towars helping a buyer find a matching property. For Real Estate, Newspapers are nearly obsoelte!

Open Houses: Of course open houses are a good possibility to get a feeling what is on the market and the cost associated with each type of property. But don´t waste time viewing properties that are not in your price range or in neighborhood you are looking for. Prepare your Open House tour to exactly match your needs and wants criteria. The clock is ticking, so viewing properties that don’t match can be a waste. Ask your real estate agent if they’d like to find out about the open houses in the area and if she/he might have time to accompany you.



You always can go in one of the Real Estate offices in your town and ask for potential properties which fit your needs and wishes. Most Real Estate Offices have an agent making “floor time” which means they have a special hour in the week or month that they are responsible for the people that walk in in the office. So you could be lucky to land a great agent walking in, or not – it depends of the experience of the agent and if you feel good with this person.