Selling your home takes a lot of effort, time, persistence, knowledge of how and where to market, understanding of the different contracts, etc. So when the time comes you decide to sell your home, doing it with an experienced Real Estate Agent will bring you the success you are looking for – selling your home as quickly and for the highest amount possible!

But who is the right person? Who will understand the value of your home and give you the right pricing information and marketing package your home needs? Of course having the choice between close to 7000 Agents in Naples/Collier County this is not an easy decision! So what makes the difference?

Beyond the years of experience, the perfect fit real estate agent should also connect with you on personal level as well. Chemistry, trust, values and understanding can all play a major factor in how to choose the right real estate agent to help sell your Naples home.

Let’s explore what makes Alexandra & Juergen the best choice for selling naples florida homes.


1)  Experience – Knowing how to handle the Sale of Naples homes, how to negotiate high dollar transactions with buyers or buyer agents and doing so successfully for years is paramount when selling Naples Florida Homes!

Alexandra and Juergen have more than 19 years experience in the real estate business both nationally and internationally.

2)  Education – the cornerstone for deep knowledge, and responsibility to guide you safely through your real estate transaction.

Our team has the following certifications: CIPS ® Certified International Property Specialist, SRES ® Seniors Real Estate Specialist, RSPS Resort and Second Home Specialist, CPRES Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist and of course we are Florida State licensed Real Estate Sales Associates and have the Masters of Law in US Law.

3) International Experience and Connections – Naples is international and diverse! In 2017 1.82 million visitors came here from all over the world. The largest group of foreign buyers are coming from Canada and Germany. As a CIPS ® you learn about the different cultures and how they buy and search for properties. You also have access to special resources and networks in 46 countries worldwide with other CIPS ® Real Estate Agents working internationally.

Only 74 Agents of approximately 7000 Agents in Naples hav this designation. But only one person speaks 4 languages, Alexandra Janz. (English, German, Italian and French)

Selling Naples Florida Homes

4)  SRES ® – Seniors Real Estate Specialist – We care about the Golden Ager community in Naples. Therefore, we educated ourselves in the senior specialist services here. We like to help you, your parents or grandparents to find the matching home in the future with less responsibility, work or burden on your shoulders.

5) Languages / Culture –– Speaking the same language as a buyer or selller build a lot of trust. We speak English, German, French and Italian! Most buyers are coming from the US, Canada (English and French) and Germany!

Knowing about the cultural differences when it comes to purchasing a property, we’re better equipped to explain the benefits and assist in understanding the contracts. This gives people not coming from this area a feeling of what Naples is about. (Remember, we emigrated here too and can sympathize with the buyers journey!)

6)  Marketing – Our brokerage  is Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, having such a powerful brokerage in our corner brings HUGE benefits to you when it comes to listing and marketing your home. 

Your property will be presented in our office at 5th Avenue S, in the Ritz-Carlton Resorts and in more than 49 countries on 93 portals with more than 69.2 million visitors! And of course also printed in different magazines and newspapers.

Your property will have special marketing in our network in Europe, on our German Website and in different online portals and magazines in Germany. WE’RE ALSO SOCIAL! That means we are blogging, we are in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter….etc.



Selling a home in Naples is no small task, nor a small investment in time or money. Needless to say, your real estate agent and you will be spending an incredible amount of time together! It’s important that you conduct a thorough interview with them before committing to their Seller Agent Agreement. This interview and agreement serves you and the agent greatly – it makes sure you are good match for each other during this lengthy journey and it protects the agent from spending their resources on a job they may not get compensated for otherwise.

  • Find an agent that you feel good dealing with.
  • Who asks about your needs and wishes and acts on them
  • Who does not push you in any one direction
  • Someone who is knowledablge in the local market and knows the area well, and finally,
  • Someone who is educated about the local real estate laws and tax implications surrounding your investment.

The Process of Selling Your Naples Home

It is our goal to help guide you through the often complicated process of bringing your home on the market, accepting an offer, opening escrow and closing escrow. Here are the fundamental steps it takes to accomplish the goal of selling your home at an optimum sales price. The bottom line at AJ International Realty Group is that we want you not to worry and not to stress. We have a team that handles all the details for you.

1. Preparation

  • Meet with you to learn the property details, amenities, and history. This is also the time for us to learn your lifestyle and determine your needs and requirements for the convenience of showings.
  • Determine list price. This can involve “broker price opinions” for professional opinions and/or a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).
  • We’ll determine a list price together, your opinion does count.
  • Listing paperwork will be agreed upon and signed. This includes an agency agreement and a listing contract, as well as disclosures.
  • Property is cleaned or “neutralized,” to attract a broader base of prospective buyers and repairs are made.
  • Photography of the property is scheduled and completed.
  • Brochure copy is written
  • Custom brochures are created, printed and displayed at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices office, as well as at the property.
  • A “For Sale” sign is installed at the property.

2. Listing the Property

  • Multiple Listing Service input forms are completed with all property details and amenities and signed by sellers and agent(s).
  • Property is uploaded to the appropriate Multiple Listing Service(s), along with copy and photography.
  • Property is uploaded to our national and international portals.
  • Agent/Realtor networking – new listing announcements are made and emails are sent.
  • With seller consent, the agent will host broker’s tours and/or open houses.
  • Ensure property is displayed accurately and aesthetically across websites
  • Ensure property is announced on social media sites.
  • We’ll handle and schedule showings
  • Follow up with agent showings and request feedback.
  • Continue to place advertisements and network with Realtors

3. Receiving an Offer and opening escrow

We’re here to guide you through the complicated and tedious escrow process. After an offer is received we will:

  • Present offer(s) to you
  • Negotiate any counter offers
  • Provide, organize, explain and guide you through all disclosures, paperwork, and inspections.
  • Monitor that buyer(s) continually show good faith and perform their due diligence
  • Negotiate any buyer requests
  • Manage the escrow process by setting up appointments for inspections, repairs and escrow appointments
  • Negotiate and coordinate for a smooth and successful close of escrow.

4. After the close of escrow

Alexandra and Juergen continue to follow up with their clients to ensure nothing has been overlooked during the escrow period. Our relationship with our clients does not end at the closing, it continues!

Final Thoughts

Give us a call and we can show you some of our marketing examples and what we can do to make the sale of your home successful!