Are you looking for the right investment in and around Naples? Then we look forward to accompanying you in this step. However, there are different types of investments. Are you looking for a cheap property to renovate and sell at a profit, a so-called “fixer upper”? Or are you rather looking for a good return by investing in holiday properties to generate a regular income from rental income? Or are you looking for a property that you can use yourself as a holiday property from time to time, but is also worthwhile as a rental property? We will find the right investment if we know what your goal is. As an investor in vacation property, you should know that the rental rules are very different. There are residential complexes (communities) in which letting is not permitted at all or the possibilities are very limited. Many residential complexes limit rental to 3-4 rentals per year with minimum rental periods of 30 days to 120 days. In the smaller residential units in particular, rentals are often very limited, since one wants to prevent tenants from constantly changing. Many residential complexes directly on the beach or in golf courses are very strict with rentals. It is therefore very important to know these rules before buying so that the investment really brings the desired rental return. We have access to all real estate offers, including investment properties of any kind. Let us know what type of investment you want.

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investment properties in southwest florida