Alexandra Janz and Juergen Haeringer are truely a perfect and outstanding Team, in case you would like to sell your home in Naples, Florida. They are extremely supportive in every action required. There was no need for me to even come to Naples during the whole selling process, they managed everything in remote and I could stay in Germany. Their reactivity is awesome. It seems they are working 24/7. With a perfect marketing campaign it took only 1 week from going online until there was 1 firm offer at listing price. Closing was successfuly done only 6 weeks later and I never faced any real issues troughout. Alexandras and Juergens professionalism, their friendliness, their cooperation, their trust and their support were even exceeding my expectations. As such I would always love to work with them again and I’m happy to recommend them to everyone else, be it for buying or selling a real estate in Naples. Thank you again for everything. Jürgen

Jürgen K.