the picture shows an Outdoor Area with pool in Riverstone Naples, FL

We were very lucky to have met Alexandra almost by serendipity during our search for a home in Naples. We wanted to find a home that was larger than 4,000 sq.ft. and that was relatively new. Alexandra helped us fine tune the search by tirelessly pinning us down the criteria that we wished to adopt, and by sharing with us listing after listing, these criteria became obvious to us as well. Next, she set up sophisticated filters and a mechanism to allow us to get the latest listings meeting these criteria. We somehow felt that we enjoyed a panoramic as well as a detailed view of the entire Naples market through Alexandra. Due to our residing far away from Naples, she’d also take upon herself to visit some homes as she got to know better our tastes. During my first visit to Naples, we found the gated community home of our dreams. We spent only one afternoon viewing several homes, but we had already done all the homework thanks to Alex. The subsequent buying process was equally easy and friendly. She had a way of doing business that was thoughtful but also firm, so we got the price that we wanted to have. The paperwork process was entirely done by her and her husband Juergen, whom we got to know well too. All the paperwork was handled professionally, and Juergen even went to the premises with the inspector to make sure that all was in order. He took the time to visit with the community center and gave us many tips. Following the signing, they went through a checklist of items that we needed to be aware. They were in every way our trusted proxy throughout. It´s noteworthy that at no point did we feel pressured to do anything. Alex was always friendly, punctual in getting back, and she was never eager to solicit any business. Instead, she wanted to make it absolutely clear that we were comfortable with each step of the process, nudging us ever so gently to move forward. Although she has tons of energy, she is self-effacing and modest. It was only much later that we learned that Alex operated one of the top real estate firms in South Germany before immigrating to the U.S. And Juergen was an accomplished lawyer in Germany. Their familiarity with foreign cultures makes them an asset in working with foreign nationalities and their attention to detail is among the very top I´ve seen so far. I have worked with so many real estate agents in the past, and I must rank Alex and by extension Juergen (one gets two for the price of one…) as among the very top and the very best in my 60 years. I would recommend her (and Juergen) to friends without any reservations.

Kashi P.