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3 Secrets That Can Help You Get Top Dollar For Your Home in Naples

When you’re preparing to sell your home in Naples, your REALTOR® will walk you through a series of things to do – including staging, decorating and decluttering your space so that buyers can envision themselves living there. In the meantime, though, here are three secrets you need to know about getting top dollar for your home in Naples.

3 Secrets That Can Help You Get Top Dollar For Your Home in Naples

First things first: You should work with an experienced REALTOR who understands how to market luxury properties if you want to sell your home in Naples. Your real estate agent will ensure that your home is ready for the market before promoting it to prospective buyers. If you haven’t yet found your REALTOR, or if you’re just starting the process, these three secrets can help you get top dollar for your home in Naples:

  1. Reset your rooms with purpose.
  2. Offer insider information.
  3. Make the most of your home’s best features.

Here’s a closer look at each.

Secret #1 to Getting Top Dollar for Your Home in Naples: Reset Your Rooms With Purpose

Every room in your home should have a clearly defined purpose – even if you don’t use the room in that way. For example, if you have a “bonus” room that you use to store off-season clothing, your treadmill and other items that don’t have a place, you should clear it out and turn it into something that resonates with buyers. Whether you turn it into a home office, a home gym or yoga studio, or a guest bedroom is up to you (though you should talk to your REALTOR about what sells in your community first), but it needs to have a clear purpose. You don’t want buyers to see it as a catch-all room because that conveys the impression that your house isn’t spacious enough for everything to have its own place.

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Secret #2 to Getting Top Dollar for Your Home in Naples: Offer Insider Information

Let your REALTOR know you’d like to include the local “scoop” in your listing, such as the great little restaurant that just opened up within walking distance, the free library box up the street or your home’s proximity to great parks and other attractions. You should also mention things like basketball courts, great sidewalks or trails, or anything else that buyers may find attractive when they’re considering your home. You can also put together a short list of nearby amenities and attractions to put out at showings.

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Secret #3 to Getting Top Dollar for Your Home in Naples: Make the Most of Your Home’s Best Features

Whether you have plenty of space, smart home features, a phone-activated security system or anything else, it’s important to highlight them so buyers know they’re there. You can include a lot of information about your home in its listing description, so make sure your REALTOR knows about all the bells and whistles. You should accent things that are possible to accent, as well, such as a fireplace in your primary bedroom or a fabulous outdoor living space that’s just right for entertaining on balmy summer nights.

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Are You Buying or Selling a Home in Naples?

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