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3 Things You Can Do Now to Prep Your Home for Sale

If you’re thinking about selling your home in a few months, there are three things you can do right now to prepare. This guide explains.

3 Things You Can Do Now to Prep Your Home for Sale

Selling a luxury home in Naples takes a bit of work, and while your real estate agent we’ll handle most of it for you, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you sell your home quickly and at the best possible price. Whether you have a single family home or a condominium, here’s what you can get a jump on:

  1. Make repairs
  2. Weigh your options on upgrades
  3. Move some of your belongings to storage

Here’s a closer look at each.

Tip #1 to Prep Your Home for Sale: Make Repairs

If your home needs any repairs, whether they’re structural, system-related or cosmetic, now is the time to make them. you need to ensure that your home is in the best possible condition before it hits the market. That’s because savvy buyers will send a home inspector to your space to check things out before fully agreeing to make the purchase; anything that the inspector discovers serves as a negotiation point for your buyers.

Sometimes buyers will ask you to lower the homes sales price if the inspector turns up issues. In other cases, they’ll ask you for a credit or to make the repairs yourself. You can save yourself the trouble by making repairs now, before you list.

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Tip #2 to Prep Your Home for Sale: Weigh Your Options on Upgrades

It may pay off to make home upgrades before you list your home. Your real estate agent can let you know what buyers are looking for right now to help you choose the appropriate upgrades. Here’s a quick look to get you started:

  • Energy efficient smart appliances. Smart appliances, ranging from refrigerators and other kitchen essentials to thermostats and cameras, are in high demand – particularly in the luxury real estate market. So are security systems and smart lights.
  • Leveled-up fixtures. Fixtures, including those for lights, faucets and other built-in components of your home, need to be modern and upscale. If your home doesn’t currently have an ultra-modern chandelier, now may be the time to add one.
  • Wine bars. Adding a wine bar to your space, particularly near your outdoor living space, can make a tremendous impact in the way buyers see your home. However, this may require a significant investment, so it’s best that you discuss this add-on with your real estate agent before you begin making plans.
  • Upgraded windows. Smart windows that use artificial intelligence to adjust in response to the sun are incredibly popular. However, like wine bars, they require a significant investment. That means you should talk to your real estate agent before you upgrade the windows on a home you’re going to sell.
  • Getting power from a source other than the electrical grid is one way smart buyers look to save money, so if your house doesn’t already have solar panels, now may be a good time to invest in them.

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Tip #3 to Prep Your Home for Sale: Move Some of Your Belongings to Storage

Prospective buyers like to see roomy spaces, which means that you may need to move some of your furnishings and other belongings to storage before you list your home for sale. If you have furniture that interrupts natural walking paths (or that has seen better days), or if you have “extra” belongings that make your home appear cluttered, clear them out before you have listing photos taken (and certainly before buyers begin touring your home).

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