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4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal to Get Top Dollar



4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal to Get Top Dollar

When you’re ready to sell your home in Naples, or elsewhere in lovely Southwest Florida, you’ll be competing with lots of other beautiful residences on the market. Curb appeal can make the difference between a homebuyer doing a rolling stop past your home or stopping to inquire further.

The exterior of your property should appear neat and well cared for since it can be a reflection of how well you maintain your home’s interior, and increase your chances of grabbing a buyer’s attention and potentially landing an offer.

Here are four simple tips on how to enhance your home’s curb appeal:

  1. Green-up your grass (It may put more green in your pockets)
  2. Paint your front door
  3. Update your house numbers
  4. Consider quick cosmetics

Tip #1. Green-Up Your Grass


Let’s face it: When your home is on the market, maintaining a green lawn is a must.

A yard that’s brown or has bald spots isn’t exactly an enticing sight for homebuyers. Instead of focusing on the potential of your residence—and it may have plenty, they’ll be distracted by how much time, effort, and money it may require to bring the lawn back to life.

So, if you’ve got the lead time, consider planting grass seed to renew your lawn. If there’s no time to regrow grass, think about laying sod—or using sod to fill in any dead portions of your lawn. Things may not match perfectly, but buyers will appreciate being spared the effort and expense of having to do it themselves.

Tip #2. Paint Your Front Door

A dingy looking front door does not a welcoming entrance make.

If your front door has become faded by the hot Florida sun, be sure to give it a fresh coat of paint before your home hits the market.

Think about coordinating the color of your door with your interior color scheme to give buyers a hint of what’s to come!

Tip #3. Update Your House Numbers

House numbers are often overlooked and seen primarily for utility, rather than both utility and beauty. They can be incorporated into the overall vibe of your property and set the tone for your interior.

If your house numbers have seen better days, or if they’re simply bland, consider swapping them out for something more modern and stylish, or creative and eclectic.

Spell Out Your House Numbers

Consider house numbers that spell out some of the digits. For example, 825 could become Eight25. A house number like 949 could be posted as Nine4Nine. Another posh possibility is to spell out each number: 565 would become FiveSixFive.

Create Mosaic-Style House Numbers

If you’re up for doing a small project, consider making your own house numbers using a mosaic pattern. You can use pieces of pottery, colorful glass, floor tile, and old dishware. As you create your design be sure to use a color palate that complements the exterior of your home, and that your mosaic numbers have a high-contrast background so that they’re easily seen. Also make sure that your numbers are large enough to be read from the street. If you have grandkids, this can be a fun project to involve them in. Just make sure that everyone wears goggles and gloves.

Stencil Numbers on Outdoor Furnishings

Here’s an even easier way to display your house numbers. If your home has a porch or a seating area out front, try stenciling your house numbers on outdoor throw pillows. Be mindful to use ink that’s waterproof and ensure that the numbers are big enough to be easily read from the street. Also, remember to keep your pillows positioned so that the numbers remain visible (you can use tie wraps to do so, since this technique is as equally functional as it is beautiful).

Tip #4. Consider Quick Cosmetics

Don’t forget the rest of your exterior:

  • Power wash a concrete driveway that’s stained with motor oil, or has tire marks or other blemishes
  • Wash your windows
  • Add pops of color to your entry with potted flowers
  • Install window boxes to add interest and more color
  • Keep trees, bushes, and other greenery trimmed to prevent them from obscuring your home
  • Collect fallen palm fronds
  • Give your yard a quick trim, if needed, before an open house

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