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5 Instant Bedroom Improvements to Help You Sell Your Naples Condo Faster (and for More Money)

When you’re ready to sell your condo in Naples, your REALTOR® will walk through it with you and tell you which areas could use a little bit of a boost. However, you can get a jump on the process by checking out these five primary bedroom improvements that can help you sell your condo faster and at a higher profit.

5 Instant Bedroom Improvements to Help You Sell Your Naples Condo Faster (and for More Money)

The primary bedroom in any home is a retreat; it’s the place you go after a long day, the cozy spot you use to unwind, and the refreshing space where you catch up on much-needed rest. Buyers see primary bedrooms as make-or-break spaces (they’re almost as important as the kitchen is), which means you may need to make these improvements:

  1. Update the lighting
  2. Take a third of your belongings out of the closet
  3. Repaint in a soothing, neutral color
  4. Rejuvenate your en suite bathroom
  5. Coordinate your bedding

Here’s a closer look at each.

Bedroom Improvements for Your Condo in Naples -Sell Your Condo

Bedroom Improvement #1 to Sell Your Naples Condo: Update the Lighting

If your light fixtures are old enough to vote, they need an update. But even if the fixtures are relatively new, your bedroom lighting scheme may need a little bit of attention. Change out your bulbs to LEDs, which provide a different type (read: more attractive) of light and help the room seem brighter. Besides, LED bulbs are more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs are.

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Bedroom Improvement #2 to Sell Your Naples Condo: Take a Third of Your Belongings Out of the Closet

Every buyer is looking for more closet space, and by removing a third of your clothing from your closet, you can help them find it. The idea is to showcase how roomy your closets are; you can’t do that if the hangers are crammed in and the closet looks stuffed, even if you really do have a lot of clothing. The simplest solution is to take out at least a third of your clothing. Try to get closer to half if it’s a seriously small space. You can put your belongings in storage until you move.

While you’re at it, make sure there’s nothing on the floor (not even shoe racks).

Pro Tip: Take out off-season clothing first. That may create enough space.

Bedroom Improvements to Help You Sell Your Condo in Naples

Bedroom Improvement #3 to Sell Your Naples Condo: Repaint in a Soothing, Neutral Color

If your bedroom has a bold paint scheme, it’s time to tone it down. Even if you only have one bold accent wall, you need to start fresh with neutral colors. You need your primary bedroom (and all the other bedrooms, for that matter) to appeal to the widest possible range of buyers, which means you may need to try softer colors.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave kids’ rooms painted in their favorite colors. Redo them so they’re off-white. That way, prospective buyers will be more open to the idea of using them for their own families or other purposes.

Bedroom Improvement #4 to Sell Your Naples Condo: Rejuvenate Your En Suite Bathroom

Buyers love en suite bathrooms, so yours should be clean and neutral. You don’t have to remodel the whole thing, but you should consider repainting the walls, regrouting the tile, and updating the lighting, fixtures, and cabinet pulls if yours are outdated.

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Bedroom Improvement #5 to Sell Your Naples Condo: Coordinate Your Bedding

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, no matter how much art you hang or what a pretty view lies just outside the window. You can make a spectacular first impression of your primary bedroom (and other bedrooms) if you carefully coordinate the bedding and pillows. Make sure there’s a dust ruffle, a clean and wrinkle-free duvet cover or comforter, and just enough pillows to signal comfort (but not so many that it would be impossible to use the bed; you don’t want to do anything that makes buyers think, “That’s a lot of work.”)

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