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5 Things Your Movers Want You to Know as You Prepare to Sell Your Home

If you’re like most people, you know that moving is a big job – and there’s a good chance that you’ll end up hiring a moving company to pack up and ship all your belongings from Point A to Point B (even if you’re only going across town). We consulted with the pros to find out what movers wish their customers knew before the big day – and the result is this guide. Check out the five things your movers want you to know as you prepare to sell your home.

5 Things Your Movers Want You to Know as You Prepare to Sell Your Home

Though your moving pros may not come out and say so, here are five things they’d like you to know before they arrive at your home:

  1. Pack early and pack often
  2. Moving will probably take longer than you think
  3. Your pets are safer if they’re with a sitter
  4. Hand-carry your documents and valuables
  5. You’re always welcome to provide your moving crew with cold drinks (and tips)

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1 Thing Your Movers Want You to Know: Pack Early and Pack Often

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack up all your belongings. Instead, start packing early; in fact, you should start several weeks before the big day. (Unless, of course, you’re hiring a moving company to pack your belongings and take them to your new home. In that case, you should ask for guidance from the moving company.)

When you do pack:

  • Use the best quality boxes you can buy
  • Invest in packing materials, such as bubble wrap and paper
  • Label all your boxes so you (and your movers) know where they belong in your new home

#2 Thing Your Movers Want You to Know: Moving Will Probably Take Longer Than You Think

Moving isn’t fast – especially when movers are careful with your belongings. Even a short move across town can take several hours for professional movers to load and unload, so plan appropriately.

If your movers are packing up your belongings for you, they should be able to give you a reasonable time estimate; they’ll use their extensive experience to tell you how long the whole job is likely to take.

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#3 Thing Your Movers Want You to Know: Your Pets Are Safer if They’re With a Sitter

Pets get stressed during moves, especially when there are strangers in the house removing furniture and boxes. The best way to help your pet on moving day is to send them to a sitter or a pet daycare. That way, they’re less-stressed – and they’re not underfoot.

If you can’t send your pet to a sitter or daycare, there’s an alternative: You can move all the furniture out of one room and keep your pet in there (with toys, food and water, and a pet bed or other favorite items). However, you should ensure that you clearly mark the door with a “Do Not Open” sign and make your movers aware that there’s a pet in there. The last thing you want is for someone to open the door and for your pet to make a break for it! Remember, the front door will likely be open all day, leaving plenty of room for a stressed or scared pet to escape.

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#4 Thing Your Movers Want You to Know: Hand-Carry Your Documents and Valuables

All your most valuable items should travel with you rather than in a moving truck. That means kids’ birth certificates, your life insurance paperwork and your jewelry all belong in your hands. You can pack a suitcase with these items if necessary – but the point is that you should hand-carry the things that are most important to you in case something goes awry.

#5 Thing Your Movers Want You to Know: Your Movers Would Love Cold Drinks (and Tips)

Providing cold drinks for your movers is never expected, but it’s always appreciated. Even keeping an ice-filled cooler on the porch with bottled drinks is a great gesture. And of course, tipping isn’t necessary – but we don’t know any movers who would turn down a little extra cash. Generally, you should tip between 5 and 10 percent of the move’s total cost, or between $5 and $10 per hour, per mover.

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