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End Year Market Statistic Naples 2018


End year statistic naples florida

The data arrived! End Year Market Statistic is always a challenge but working in the real estate business as a Realtor and following the market all year around it is not a surprise! Especially when it comes to the numbers of North Naples! Here the sales are taking place – this is the spot the people like to live! At least if you read the numbers. But why? What makes North Naples so interesting? This we will discus in another blog but not today. Today it is about the real estate market. What is going on? How will the next year develop? Will the prices increase again like the last year with 3% increase in the median closed price? What will happen with all the inventory on the market? It is up to 14% compared to the last year. Does this mean the prices will stagnate – or even decrease? Unfortunately we don´t have the crystal ball! So let´s see and wait and of course we will always have a close look on the local real estate market and whenever you need some more information or whenever you would like to know how much your property is worth contact us and you will get a free home valuation for your property! Or do you like to know how many possible buyers for your property are in your area click here?