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Featured Restaurant Series – Today: Patric’s on Pine Ridge

Featured Restaurant Series – Patric’s on Pine Ridge

If you love Naples as much as we do you will still not know all the spots and not all the Restaurants. Therefore, we (Alexandra and Juergen ) had the idea of presenting some places in a more or less regular column. The first one is about a restaurant that we like and where we helped the new owners to find their place to stay. Here is their story and the story of the restaurant.

For more than 14 years Patric’s restaurant has been serving its customers typical American dishes following traditional family recipes. Patric’s takes its name from its founder who together with Gary has created a perfect typical 60’s style restaurant where people can enjoy a rich menu made with rigorously selected, homemade, fresh prodocts every day. Unfortunately, the years go by for everyone and Patric and Gary for health reasons have decided to sell their business and retire
for a well-deserved rest after many years of work.

Stefy and Dasha, the new owners, left Italy on March 02 with the ambitious plan to open an Italian-designed fast food to serve Mediterranean cuisine menus. After visiting Miami, the first destination chosen to start their project, they decided to visit other areas of Florida and thanks to a chance meeting and a series of lucky coincidences they arrived in Naples to visit the city and
see the Patric’s Restaurant.

Stefy is an Italian chef who has worked and managed several restaurants in Italy and has had different work experiences in various parts of the world, including Dubai, several cities of India, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Russia.


Dasha has worked in several Italian places, some owned by an important stylist, with responsibilities of different managerial level. A nice working union.

Both fell in love with Patric’s, its familiar and slightly retro air that can be breathed inside and decided to change their initial plan. So, they decided to take up the challenge. After an important training with the leaving owner to guarantee the continuity of what is offered in this long journey, on April 1st they became the new owners of the Patric’s Restaurant.
3 months have passed since the beginning of this adventure.

With the precious help of Bruce, exceptional cook and wonderful person, Julie and Chloe, very professional, prepared and nice waitresses, all members of the previous staff except for Chloe, new and young members of the Patric’s, under the guidance of Stefy and Dasha the restaurant day after day continues to offer its customers the set menu, created following the recipes that Patric has inherited with such generosity and love for his restaurant and his loyal customers. A great and professional team, a beautiful working family who works with passion every day to continue a long restaurant tradition.

You might wonder what happened to the idea of an Italian fast food. Well, why not combine both kitchens, perhaps with an Italian menu just for dinner? Stay with us, next autumn there will be other good news.


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