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Gulf of Mexico in motion – December 21th 2018, Naples

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Usually, the Gulf of Mexico is very smooth and quiet with very pleasant temperatures but this can be different from time to time. Today, a few days ahead of Christmas, it showed it’s wild side. Waves of several yards height. striking the coastline of Naples. Gusty winds bother the ones while the others, the passionate surfers, head to the beaches to find a spot to go for it. The storm approached from the North where it is followed by freezing temperatures and partially by blizzards which makes it much more unlikeable than down here in Naples. Here it is a welcome alternation to the normal sunny weather with high temperatures. Time to grab the jacket or the vest from the closet or a light sweater, but of course only for us Floridians as for our northern visitors it is still relatively warm and cozy, the tourists still wear their flip flops and shorts. But we all know that this will not last for more than a few days and then we will be back to business as usual which means temperatures in the high 70s and mid 80s. And that just in time for Christmas under the palm trees. And here is the point: If you do not yet own a second home or vacation home here in Southwest Florida then this is the right time to become active. How about a short notice Christmas Vacation in beautiful Naples? Just the best thing to learn about Naples and ist beauty and check the market for some opportunities. If you are spontaneous and purchase your own little (or even bigger) spot you will have your place to stay for your next visit and be life when the Gulf of Mexico shows this side for the next time. A condo at the beach? No problem, check here for availabilities “Beachfront Properties”. But even if you do not like the front row we will find the right spot for you. As your Realtors in Naples we know the area and the market and check prices and comparables to make sure you have the right home for the right price. We are available almost 24/7 on 365 days a year. Call us today and you will celebrate your next Christmas not in the freezing cold but under the palms in your new home in Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island or elsewhere in Southwest Florida. Looking forward to talk to you soon, klick here. SEE YOU IN PARADISE!