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Halloween 2018 in Naples on 5th Ave S

Every year this event stands. As sure as one can rely on the fact that there will be a Halloween every year one can trust that there will be a Halloween parade, showcase, get together or whatever you want to name it on that day on 5th Avenue South, downtown Naples. And although it is coming every year it’s never boring and never the same. There are always fascinating, awesome, frightening, funny, fancy, cute, gorgeous, inspiring costumes and you can’t be quick enough to see all of them and admire all the kids, adults and pets dressed up and having a great time. Food vendors are everywhere, there are booths with treats without tricks and many more. Take a look at our video from this year Halloween on 5th Ave S in Naples and enjoy. Next year we hope we will meet you on 5th Ave and we are already curious what costume you will wear! Or if you have already been here, why you don´t you send us a picture with your costume? We would love to start an internet contest with all pictures we will get!

Or how about living right there? Having the possibility to watch this event from your own balcony on 5th Avenue while having a glass of wine? Then you should not wait any longer to contact us so we can make sure you will have your spot in first row on 5th Avenue South in Naples, Florida! Click here to search on our website