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How to Stage Your Primary Bedroom

When you’re selling a home in Naples, your REALTOR® will talk to you about hiring a professional home stager – but in some cases, that’s not necessary. You may be able to stage some (or all) of your home’s rooms yourself. Check out these tips on how to stage your primary bedroom to help buyers fall in love with your space.

7 Tips on How to Stage a Primary Bedroom

Staged homes sell faster – and for more money – than non-staged homes do, so it makes sense to put some extra effort into your home before you list it for sale. The primary bedroom is an important space; it’s a place buyers want to see as a relaxing haven where they can unwind after a long day, and you can do these seven things to make it as appealing as possible:

  1. Clean everything from top to bottom
  2. Declutter the entire space
  3. Remove half your clothes from the closet
  4. Repaint in soothing colors
  5. Invest in a new duvet cover, pillows and other bedding
  6. Add the right lighting
  7. Choose small, simple accents

Here’s a closer look at each.

How to Stage Your Primary Bedroom - Clean Everything

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #1: Clean Everything

For most people, the best way to get ready to put a home for sale is to hire a professional cleaning company; if you do that, you only have to maintain what the professionals have done while your home is on the market. However, you don’t have to hire professionals – you can tackle the job yourself. If you choose to do so, use this checklist to make sure you hit all the hotspots:

  • Clean the ceiling fan
  • Scrub the windows until they sparkle
  • Clean out the window or patio door tracks
  • Dust everything, including wall decor and behind the television set
  • Clean beneath the bed
  • Ensure mirrors are spotless
  • Clean light switches and outlet plates
  • Dust light fixtures and replace bulbs if necessary
  • Scrub the baseboards
  • Have rugs or carpets professionally cleaned
  • Dust the corners

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #2: Declutter the Entire Space

Buyers want to see the primary bedroom as a place to relax, but clutter is the antithesis to relaxation. That means you should take out everything that doesn’t serve a purpose (you’ll bring some things back in the final staging step, but more on that later). You shouldn’t keep a stack of books on the nightstand, too many collectibles on your dresser, or family photos up in your room. Try to make it look as much like your favorite luxury hotel as possible.

Pro Tip: Remove any furniture that gets in the way of a clear walking path. If your nightstands make it look cramped, you’re better off without them.

How to Stage Your Primary Bedroom - Declutter

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #3: Remove Half Your Clothes From the Closet

No matter how large and spacious your primary bedroom’s closet is, there could always be more space – but you don’t want buyers to feel that way. Remove half your clothing from the closet and pack it away for your new home; the more space you can showcase, the better. Then:

  • Space out the remaining clothing so buyers can envision themselves having plenty of space to do the same.
  • Remove everything from the floor.
  • Straighten shelves and, if they appear cluttered or even full, remove half of the items that are taking up space.

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #4: Repaint in Soothing Colors

Stark white is the wrong color for a relaxing bedroom, and so are loud colors – even if they work for you, buyers aren’t likely to see them as soothing. Consider repainting your bedroom in calm, soothing colors, such as light blue, gray or even a cream color. Talk to your REALTOR about what’s popular in bedrooms right now; he or she will have insight from touring homes with buyers and selling other homes in Naples.

How to Stage Your Primary Bedroom - Repaint in Soothing Colors

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #5: Invest in a New Duvet Cover, Pillows and Other Bedding

Splurge on a brand-new duvet cover, fluffy pillows and a cozy throw blanket to use during showings. The idea is to make your primary bedroom look like a peaceful paradise where a prospective buyer can envision him- or herself cozying up at the end of a long day. When it comes to bedding, what you’re really selling is the feeling of comfort.

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #6: Add the Right Lighting

Place lamps on your bedside tables if you don’t already have them. When buyers come to tour your home, you’ll turn them on – so they’re a good idea even if you don’t use them yourself. The idea with lighting is to ensure that buyers see how versatile your space is; they can read, relax or get ready there, and you can show them it’s all possible with the right lighting.

Pro Tip: Add standing lamps in the corners if there’s space and they otherwise look dark and unused.

How to Stage Your Primary Bedroom - Add the Right Lighting

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #7: Choose Small, Simple Accents

After you’ve decluttered your entire space, you can bring a few accents back in. Brightly colored throw pillows or a plush throw blanket are nice additions to the bed, and small pieces of decor on your dresser or bedside tables can make the space more aesthetically pleasing. Don’t overdo it, though – choose no more than three to five pieces on your largest surface.

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