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Is Naples Florida a good place to retire? Absolutely Yes!

Is Naples Florida a good place to retire?

We are often asked: Is Naples Florida a good place to retire? Well, time and time again Naples, FL reaches the number one spot for the best place to retire. At this point, if this was a contest and I didn’t know better, I’d tell you the game is rigged. But multiple websites and ranking lists place Naples as the greatest place to live in for retirees — and there’s more than enough proof to know that’s true.

Naples’ recurrent number one spot is more than fair, and the competition is nowhere near its level. It’s a beautiful place to live in — one most people would love to call home. It’s luxurious, diverse, and downright gorgeous. If you are trying to figure out where do you want to live when you retire or if you want to set a goal 30 years down the line, Naples, Florida is a great choice to make. You might be wondering why. There are more than plenty of reasons to answer your question:


Naples is made for people who are looking for a great place to retire, just like you.

Naples, Florida has over 20000 people living there. Over half their population is retirees: people who are over their job and are looking for a quiet, relaxed place to retire. But don’t let that fool you: the retirees who move down to Naples, Florida are not looking to make their way into a ghost town and be forgotten.

They moved there to live in a calm environment next to people with similar goals and tastes. Those who move to Naples know what they want, and they want the finer things in life. If you choose Naples, you know you are about to experience your golden years and you don’t want to waste them. That’s why you chose a place known for its luxury, safety and diverse offers – just like everyone else does in Naples, Florida.


Naples is a little paradise on Earth.

If you ever went to Naples, Florida, you probably experienced great weather — no matter the time of the year! That’s right. Naples’ temperature will be between 75 and 90 degrees all year round. There is no such thing as winter down there, and not a day goes by where you can’t enjoy an evening at the beach or walking around the many natural reserves Naples has to offer.

There’s plenty of ocean and green spaces for everyone; many exotic plants and animals can be found there as well. It’s perfect for people who love to bird watch or any other form of wildlife observation. If animals aren’t your thing, there are plenty of golf courses you can visit or boats to sail in the ocean with. The weather will probably be great for either one of those!


And it’s a safe paradise on Earth!

The State of Florida makes sure the people of Naples are always safe. And the numbers do not lie: Naples, Florida has a crime rate almost 40% below the state’s average. When it comes to violent crimes, it’s 75% less than the state’s average! State-wise, Naples is one of the (if not the safest) places in all of Florida. When it comes to nation-wide statistics, Naples is almost 70% safer than any other city in America.

The law and order abiding in Naples are also reflected in its streets and beaches: everywhere you look, you’ll find clean streets, litter-free beaches and everyone is polite with each other. Naples is great because it’s made of great people! So, we ask you, is Naples Florida a good place to retire? The answer is YES!


is Naples Florida a good place to retire


Naples has more than enough indoor activities to do…

If you like to stay indoors, Naples has more than enough things for you to do. It has more than plenty of restaurants for you to try (and probably gain some weight!) and a lot of high-end shopping malls filled with all kinds of stores waiting for you to visit. If you want to try new things, Naples has its very own Art Association, where you can take classes on all sorts of subjects, from photography to painting and many more things. If you are a wine connoisseur (or wish to become one) you can visit Bleu Provence, a world-famous place known for its French-focused wine list.

And that’s only a little taste of what Naples has to offer, there’s more to find out when you get there!


…and plenty of outdoor adventures to be had.

As you know, the weather is amazing all throughout the year in Naples, Florida. It’s a great place to live in if you love to feel the sun in your face, the sand in your feet; and smell the ocean from afar. It’s also great if you love to golf. With more than 60 golf courses, you’ll have plenty of places to visit and better your handicap. If you are not much of a golfer, don’t worry! There’s plenty of things to do. You can sail in a boat, visit the nature reserves, go on a field trip arranged by the Naples Art Association and many more things. Adventure awaits down in Naples!


Olde Naples: where classics meet modernity.

Downtown Olde Naples is the cultural heart of the city. What once was a tiny fishing village is now an incredible place booming with modern buildings that stand tall next to historic buildings.

Plenty of music festivals are held downtown. And you’ll also find your fair share of restaurants, cafes and nightlife spots for people of all ages. No matter the day or the hour, there’s always something to do in Olde Naples.


There’s no other way to say it: Exclusivity.

If there’s something you are bound to run into in Naples, Florida it’s gated communities and luxurious – really luxurious – houses. And that’s because Naples is an exclusive community, there’s no other way to define such a place. It has the best of the best to offer, whether we are talking about people, beaches, restaurants or anything you can imagine. But it all comes with a price. If you can afford it, there’s no other place in America you’d like to spend your golden years in. If you’re wondering: Is Naples Florida a good place to retire? You owe it to yourself to explore all that is Naples and the amazing lifestyle you could retire to.