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Merry Christmas – AJ International Premium Real Estate

Another year has passed with a lot of interesting encounters, achievements and experiences. We want to use this time to hold on, look back at the beautiful moments and be grateful for the people that were by our side this year. We want to thank everybody that believed in us and showed us that they are there for us. We want to say thank you for every referral and recommendation, which made our success possible and for the reliance that our customers had in us.

It was a year full of experiences, explorations and progress, another year far away from our old home, far away but also close, due to modern technology. Technology is improving almost every day and especially in our international Real Estate Business we are always persuading trends to achieve the best marketing strategies and results by using the latest technologies. It’s a permanent process of improvement and nobody knows where we will stand tomorrow. Imagine how fast this goes, while our grandparents hardly had telephones, we now have smartphones that can do almost everything everywhere. In part this is a  blessing but it is also a curse. The permanent availability, the greed for new information and the control smartphones, computers, social media etc. have in our modern lives are scary. But they also bear options. Many of our friends and customers would not be in our lives without these technologies and therefore we are grateful. But one should always be aware that there is a real life outside of social media and internet, there are real people to talk to, there is nature to explore, there are cities to see and experience and there are emotions to feel.

We for our part do our best to use the rare opportunities when we have a little leisure time to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, the ocean, the sun and the beautiful colors of the skies above us. Naples offers so much, there is something for everyone, even skiers find their club. Therefore, our goal for the new year is to keep all of you updated about activities and events in Naples, the Real Estate Market, new communities and whatever is interesting to know about this corner of the world.  Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. and like us there or visit our website www, or see  here what’s coming up in Naples, so you are always up to date and enables to act in time.

This having said we wish you a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a wonderful, successful, healthy and prosperous new year 2019. Looking forward to seeing you in Naples and hopefully being able to help you fulfil your Naples Real Estate dreams we say







Your AJ International Premium Real Estate Team

Alexandra & Juergen