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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection When You’re Selling a Home in Naples

If you’re like many people selling a home in Naples, you know that your buyers will hire a home inspector. The inspector will check all the systems that keep your home running, as well as its structural integrity, to make sure that the buyer knows about any potential issues they’ll face after making the purchase. That means you need to know how to prepare for a home inspection, which this guide explains.

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection When You’re Selling a Home in Naples

First things first: You should make any repairs that your home needs before you list the house for sale. If you know about problems, you’re legally required to disclose them to prospective buyers – and if your home has issues, buyers may not be willing to pay what you’re asking. That means fixing problems you know about can prevent issues with your buyers.

In the meantime, here’s how to prepare for a home inspection when you’re selling your home:

  1. Make sure the inspector has easy access throughout your home
  2. Tidy up the home
  3. Replace light bulbs
  4. Go through every room to check for problems

Here’s a closer look at each.

Ensure the Inspector Has Easy Access

Make sure that entries to each room are clear so the inspector can access all your spaces. That goes for the attic, too; the inspector will have a ladder, but it’s up to you to make sure there’s enough room for your buyer’s inspector to move around in the space.

Tidy Up Your Home

Cleaner, neater homes tend to fare better on home inspections than those that are cluttered do. You should clean the house as if you were preparing for a showing with an interested buyer.

Replace Burned-Out Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are among the simplest fixes – but if you have bulbs that are burned out, you can be sure they’ll end up on your inspection report. Your goal with a home inspection is to ensure that it’s as “clean” as possible, so go through your house and hunt for bulbs that need to be replaced.

Go Through Every Room to Check for Problems

As you make your way throughout each room in your home, you need to:

  • Test the functionality of all the items an inspector will check
  • Check your safety and security precautions
  • Make repairs as necessary

What Home Inspectors Check

Home inspectors check a home’s basic functionality. The one your buyer hires will most likely look at:

  • Furnace filters
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Insulation in the attic
  • Window function, plus locks and seals
  • Toilets and faucets
  • Ceiling and bathroom fans
  • Light switches
  • Garage doors
  • Door function, plus locks, seals and weather stripping
  • Downspouts
  • Heating ducts
  • Fan ducts
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Gas lines and chimney entry points
  • Caulking around bathtubs and sinks
  • Ceilings and walls (to inspect for water damage or mold, as well as cracks)
  • Trees hanging near or over your home
  • Systems that run your home, including electrical, plumbing, and in some cases, HVAC

What to Do on Inspection Day

When you’re preparing for a home inspection, there are a few last-minute ends to tie up on the day the inspector comes to your home. Keep all your utilities on, double-check that the inspector will have clear access to all the necessary areas, and leave the house. Some buyers come to the home inspection with their inspectors, so take your pets, as well.

Remember, buyers don’t expect your home to be perfect; in fact, they know that there will be a few issues. However, it’s your job to make sure those issues are minor – and that you’ve handled all the major issues that could cause a buyer to cancel your transaction.

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