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Real Estate Market Trends in Naples

naples-florida-real-estate-market-reportWhile since the early days of October many part-time-residents have shown up in their second home in Naples, the Real Estate Market seemed not to increase in the same number and relation the number of persons increased which one would normally expect. This might have several reasons but regardless of this reasons we can now observe that there seems to occur a remarkable change at least since November 9th.

More and more properties that were on the market for a reasonable number of days, most of them longer than expected, are under contract now and also it seems that the number of properties that come on the market and are listed in the MLS increases as well.

Maybe we will have to realize sort of a break during the holiday period between Thanksgiving and Christmas up to New Year’s Eve but we suppose that very short after that break it will be a tremendous increase in market activities coming up and we will be prepared for that.

We will keep on watching the market and as you stay tuned with us you will always be up to date.