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The Community of “Augustinum Group” is the leading address when it comes to upper class living for senior people in Germany. Searching for a trustful partnership as head of sales for the Augustinum Freiburg I met Alexandra Janz combining the skills of a powerful and most experienced integer salesperson for real estate business. As a specialist in real estate business for elder people, she extremely impressed by her professional and empathic attitude. Her ability to listen to their customers’ needs was one of the most relevant steps to proceed successfully. She managed to build a trustful relationship between all parties at any time. People felt very comfortable being safely accompanied by Alexandra through the sale of their property. All services even beyond the real estate transactions were effectively and excellently conducted by her in time. I wish Alexandra all the best for her new business opportunities in the United States. I am convinced that she will work very hard to continue being a successful businesswoman. She will impress buyers and sellers with her outstanding equal-to-non-service.

Birgit F.