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Why Use a REALTOR® to Sell Your Home?

If you’re like many people thinking about selling a home, you’re wondering whether you really need a Naples REALTOR®. After all, putting your home on the market as for sale by owner seems simpler – and you won’t end up paying real estate commissions.

But the harsh reality is that real estate – particularly selling a home – is complicated. You have to operate within fair housing laws, you need to price your home properly and market it to reach qualified buyers, you must fill out and file specific paperwork, and you need to negotiate.

Here’s why you should use a REALTOR to sell your home.

Why Use a REALTOR® to Sell Your Home?

Using a REALTOR to sell your home in Naples is the best choice for the vast majority of people. Here’s why:

  1. Other agents may not show “for sale by owner” homes
  2. Selling a home takes a lot of work
  3. You absolutely need the right price
  4. REALTORs can advertise your home to all the right buyers
  5. Real estate agents help you weed out unqualified buyers
  6. Your REALTOR will negotiate for you when someone wants to make a deal
  7. REALTORs know the legal risks associated with selling a home (and will avoid them)

Here’s a closer look at each.

Reason #1 to Use a REALTOR: Other Agents May Not Show FSBOs

A lot of real estate agents won’t bother to show homes listed as for sale by owner because they know it’ll mean extra work for them. Even if they do show your home, the agent may discourage prospective buyers from making an offer because closing a deal without a professional is risky to everyone involved.

Reason #2 to Use a REALTOR: Selling a Home Takes a Lot of Work

Real estate is a full-time job, so unless you have extra time on your hands to research, run comparative market analyses to find the right price point for your home, get it ready to sell and market it, it’ll be overwhelming. It’s expensive to market a home, too – you have to pay for high-resolution photos and video tours, pay to list it on agency websites (including big-name real estate sites) or in classified ads, and perform all the tricks that get it to show up on Google.

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Why Use a REALTOR® to Sell Your Home?

Reason #3 to Use a REALTOR: You Absolutely Need the Right Price

If you overprice your home, you’re not going to find a buyer – not anytime soon, at least. That’s because people looking in that price range expect more for their money; they’re going to compare other homes in the same price range to yours, and yours is going to come up short.

If you underprice your home, you may find a buyer – but you’re leaving money on the table. You want to make as much as possible from your real estate deal, particularly if you need money for the down payment on your next home (or even for your savings account), so the last thing you want to do is sell your home for less than a buyer is willing to pay.

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Reason #4 to Use a REALTOR: REALTORs Can Advertise Your Home to All the Right Buyers

Advertising, as already mentioned, is expensive. Do you know where to advertise your home to reach the right buyers? If you’re like most people, you don’t know which websites or print media work best in each market, and that means you’re likely to spend time and money on efforts that may not work.

Reason #5 to Use a REALTOR: Real Estate Agents Help You Weed Out Unqualified Buyers

Showing your home takes a lot of time, and real estate agents can determine whether an interested party is actually qualified to buy your home. REALTORs ask qualifying questions to figure out whether you’re dealing with a tire-kicker or someone who’s motivated and in the market ready to buy.

And to take things a step farther, a real estate agent will be the main point of contact for buyers – not you, the seller. Dealing directly with the seller is awkward for buyers; they’re afraid to hurt your feelings or negotiate with you, and that can cause them to back away from your home altogether.

Why Use a REALTOR® to Sell Your Home? - Negotiate

Reason #6 to Use a REALTOR: Your REALTOR Will Negotiate for You When Someone Wants to Make a Deal

When someone makes an offer, you don’t have to accept it – you can (and probably should) negotiate. Unfortunately, most people haven’t been trained in negotiation skills like REALTORs have. Your REALTOR will negotiate on your behalf, all while looking out for your best interests. Your agent’s goal is to get you the highest possible profit, and to make as few concessions as possible, so it pays to have someone experienced in your corner when it’s time to negotiate with prospective buyers.

Reason #7 to Use a REALTOR: REALTORs Know the Legal Risks Associated With Selling a Home – and How to Avoid Them

There’s a lot of legal paperwork involved in selling a home, and you have to be careful that you don’t run afoul of fair housing laws. There are other laws, too, including rules about making disclosures of facts. If you violate the rules, your buyer could come back and sue you later – so for most people, it’s best to work with someone who knows more about the rules and seller protections.

Are You Selling a Home in Naples?

Selling your home is a big deal, so you need to work with a REALTOR who can get it right. We know how to market your home to all the right buyers, regardless of its price point. We’ll help you sell your home quickly and at the best possible price!

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