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What makes us “Good Neighbors”? Learn more about us, our background, our passion, what makes us unique and why you should get in touch with us! In 2016 we moved to Naples, Florida and to a new adventure in a new country! In our package we brought a long time career in Real Estate and Law and our passion to continue what we love to do supporting other people, our neighbors, sphere of influence, friends and new customers with their Real Estate needs and offer them an extraordinary service. Of course in our package was also some concern, can we make it? Are we welcome in our new country and city? Of course, we knew the US, Florida and Naples from our international Real Estate Business with Real Estate Companies in Florida and California, from our travels and stays in the US but traveling and living in the country is a big difference. We can say, we made it. And we are proud of what we could achieve in only a few years. We were well prepared, our Real Estate State Exam already done before our move and ready to start the business from the first day being an official Naples Resident. Our advantage of course was our knowledge how to market and sell homes to get the best exposure for the home and top dollars for our sellers. And our own experience being new in a town not knowing the neighborhoods very well and how life is organized is a great bonus when working with buyers from all over the world, because we know how they feel and what the needs & questions are not only in the real estate business. And regarding the question “have we been welcome by our neighbors and from the people in Naples”, YES, we were! Thank you to all, they helped us with our first steps in the country and town! Meanwhile we are the neighbors and friends you can ask not only about Real Estate and the Real Estate Market in your area but also we are more than happy to connect YOU to our meanwhile huge network of what ver you need to live in Naples and the Naples lifestyle. We do not regret one day that we started this adventure, also having sometimes some stones in our way, we love what we do and we will continue to serve our neighbors and customers with all our passion we bring with us in our business and daily life!

Good Neighborhood Podcast With Host Charlie McDermott

Thank you, Charlie McDermott, for having us in your Good Neighborhood Podcast and giving us the opportunity to get in front of our neighbors in Naples, Florida.


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