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4 Great Gardens to Visit at Naples Botanical Garden


For many people, there’s something intrinsically relaxing about a garden—whether it’s the Zen mood inspired by an elegant rock garden and Bonsai tree, gardens that have a stately European flair, or simply gardens populated with colorful blossoms that fill the air with an intoxicating fragrance. Each can inspire peace and tranquility. You can experience the same at the Naples Botanical Garden, including the beauty of one of the most exotic and unique species of flora—the orchid.


4 Great Gardens to Visit at Naples Botanical Garden


Established in 1993 for the purpose of conserving tropical flora and habitats, Naples Botanical Garden is a sprawling 170-acre garden paradise that is home to a vast array of beautiful flowers, including many varieties of orchid–a flower that garners a seemingly endless amount of attention and curiosity from enthusiasts, gardeners, and those who simply enjoy the beauty of nature.

The botanical garden contains several themed gardens, each of which has their own particular style and vibe. Be sure to check out these four.

  1. LaGrippe Orchid Garden
  2. Kathryn’s Garden
  3. Lea Asian Garden
  4. Kapnick Caribbean Garden


Garden #1. LaGrippe Orchid Garden

If you love orchids, put LaGrippe Orchard Garden on your To-Do list. This garden is populated with all manner of these unique beauties–from small delicate varieties to impressive displays of color and fragrance, including cymbidiums, dendrobiums, oncidiums, and phalaenopsis. Silver trumpet trees along the garden’s stone paths are home to air plants that cascade from the surfaces of trunks and branches. Adding to the garden’s tranquility are the peaceful sounds of water trickling down Florida coral limestone water features. Bench seating provides areas to relax and reflect.

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Garden #2. Kathryn’s Garden

Lush greenery is the theme in Kathryn’s Garden. Here, huge fronds branch out in all directions and create layers of vibrant foliage, while a tropical thicket of groundcover is formed by verdant perennials. But don’t be mistaken—Kathryn’s Garden has its fair share of blossoms that sweeten the air.

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Garden #3. Lea Asian Garden

Lea Asian Garden gives you a taste of Southeast Asia in its composition and vibe. When you visit, you’ll travel winding paths that carry you through garden rooms. A landscape similar to a jungle represents man’s reliance on the earth for sustenance and survival and is inhabited by a mix of fruit trees to represent nourishment, bamboo trees to symbolize shelter, and temple trees, lotus flowers, and sacred figs to represent the soul of humankind. The garden is also populated with ornamental plants like mussaenda and crepe myrtle. The essence of Southeast Asia is rounded out with art, a Thai pavilion, and other elegant structures.


Garden #4. Kapnick Caribbean Garden

You can take a stroll through the Caribbean when you visit Kapnick Caribbean Garden. The grounds are inhabited by tropical fruit trees and plants like pineapple, banana, coconut, sugar cane, coffee beans, and papaya—each of which plays a vital role in the economy of the Caribbean region and around the world. The garden is home to many endangered plants as well, including the Florida semaphore cactus, and prehistoric cycads.


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