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4 Major Renovation Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Naples Home


So, you’re selling your home in Naples and you want it to be as impressive as possible to potential homebuyers. You plan to pull out all of the stops. If you’re not mindful, though, certain changes during your renovation could be a turnoff for house hunters and may even lessen the value of your home. Here are four major renovation mistakes to avoid when selling your Naples home.

4 Major Renovation Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Naples Home

When you’re updating your home to put it on the market, you want your design to strike the perfect balance between character and personality, and broad market appeal. When renovating your home to sell, consider these four mistakes to avoid:

  1. Allowing your personal tastes to dominate the design
  2. Taking on DIY projects you can’t handle
  3. Sacrificing function for space
  4. Overzealous curb appeal

Mistake #1. Allowing Your Personal Tastes to Dominate the Design

While you may have a good eye for creating cohesive designs with countertops, tile, flooring and paint, be careful not to venture from mass appeal to over-personalization.

Emerald green cabinets with gold hardware may be a beautiful and dramatic look for a kitchen, but bold and very specific looks of this nature may alienate a majority of buyers who don’t love dramatic colors on kitchen cabinets—or even like them.

When it comes to elements like tile, patterned wallpaper, and carpet, avoid overly unique designs that will likely require an acquired taste to appreciate.

The bottom line is that when potential buyers tour your home they want to be able to envision themselves living in the house, and not visit a property that’s already committed to a very specific vision. In that instance all they’ll see are dollar signs for all of the projects they’ll need to perform to make your home their own.

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Mistake #2. Taking On Projects You Can’t Handle

While there may be certain projects that you can perform yourself, be sure that you can do a thorough and polished job. Taking on more than you can handle may result in a shabby appearance that reads DIY, and is easily spotted by buyers. Once they see one sloppy job they’ll be suspicious of more–but can you blame them?

And definitely avoid trying your hand at work that should be performed by a certified professional, like plumbing and electrical.

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Mistake #3. Sacrificing Function for Space

A spacious bedroom with a tiny closet does not a happy homebuyer make. So although you may want to expand the footprint of your master suite, or any bedroom in your home to make it more spacious, resist the temptation to steal footage from closets–not unless you’re able to regain it in some other way.

While your main bedroom may have an expanded footprint, if potential buyers see that your reduced closet size simply can’t accommodate their items they may not be able to imagine themselves living in your home. So having ample closet space can be of utmost importance to the success of your sale.

The same goes for kitchen pantries. A tiny pantry as the result of space taken for a bigger kitchen could handicap your property.


Mistake #4. Overzealous Curb Appeal

Great curb appeal can make the difference between a potential buyer doing a rolling stop past your home, and stopping to inquire further. While you want your curb appeal to impress buyers, do your best to avoid elaborate landscapes.

Intricate designs that require lots of maintenance can intimidate buyers who don’t have a green thumb. A clean and simple landscape is often the best way to go. A trimmed green lawn, fresh mulch, and well-placed flowers can let buyers know that the property is well cared for, and that there’s plenty of room to add their own personal touches.

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