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7 Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tips to Make Buyers Fall in Love

Selling a condo in Naples means impressing the widest possible range of buyers – and one way to do that is through home staging. Home staging is the practice of setting up your home so it’s neat as a pin, completely comfortable, and appealing to a large audience. And one of the best places to showcase your staging skills is in your home’s bathrooms.

7 Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tips to Make Buyers Fall in Love

Most home-sellers put a lot of energy into staging the kitchen, primary bedroom and living room of a home – but the bathroom often seems like an afterthought. That can be a huge mistake, though; buyers absolutely check out style, size, cleanliness and ambiance in each of a home’s bathrooms. Check out these seven super-simple bathroom staging tips that can help buyers fall in love with your home:

  1. Clean everything!
  2. Declutter the entire space (including the medicine cabinet).
  3. Remove all your personal hygiene products.
  4. Refresh the caulking.
  5. Repaint the walls.
  6. Upgrade your fixtures if necessary.
  7. Spring for new towels, a shower curtain and a bath mat.

Here’s a closer look at each.

7 Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tips

Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tip #1: Clean Everything

Your bathroom needs to be sparkling clean. Remember, people who tour your home are in a space that’s personal to you – and although it may not be a big deal to you to have a bit of trash in the bin or some splashes on the counter, it is to perfect strangers. You want prospective buyers to feel comfortable in your home (not like intruders), so the whole bathroom (plus the rest of the house) should be completely spotless.

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Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tip #2: Declutter the Entire Space

Decluttering means going through your medicine cabinet, drawers and cabinets to remove anything that isn’t absolutely essential. If you don’t use something every day, you need to pack it away for showings. Organize what’s left and make it look as neat as possible – and don’t leave anything on the counter top except items that are decorative in nature.

Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tip #3: Remove All Your Personal Hygiene Products

It’s a pain, but it’s necessary: Take your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and loofah out of the shower when a prospective buyer is coming to see your home. Again, these buyers are in your personal space, and they don’t want to be reminded that you actually use your bathroom. The best way to keep on top of a task like this is to keep an empty laundry basket in your bathroom; when you get the news that prospective buyers are coming to call, whisk everything into the basket and put it in your trunk before you leave the house.

7 Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tips to Make Buyers Fall in Love

Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tip #4: Refresh the Caulking

Caulking – even if it’s not old – can look worn or dingy. Look at yours objectively, and if it needs to be refreshed, take care of it. You don’t need to hire a professional to do so, though you can; it’s typically a DIY job. You can find new caulk at your favorite home improvement store.

Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tip #5: Repaint the Walls

If it’s been a while since your bathroom saw the business end of a paintbrush, or if your walls feature bold colors, now’s a great time to repaint. Go for a neutral color that appeals to a wide range of buyers. Neutral colors show prospective buyers that there’s plenty of room to decorate the space however they’d like.

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Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tip #6: Upgrade Your Fixtures if Necessary

If your fixtures are old, replace them before you list your home for sale. That goes for light fixtures, sink and tub faucets, cabinet handles and drawer pulls. You can find new fixtures at your favorite home improvement store, and they’re usually pretty simple to install yourself (though you’ll want to hire a professional for anything that requires electrical or plumbing work unless you’re already experienced). And while you’re at it, make sure your light switch plate matches the other fixtures.

7 Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tips to Make Buyers Fall in Love - Declutter

Super-Simple Bathroom Staging Tip #7: Spring for New Towels, a Shower Curtain and a Bath Mat

Invest in brand-new towels, a new shower curtain, and a new bath mat. Don’t use them, though (other than the shower curtain) – keep them looking as fresh as possible by putting them away between showings. You can break them out in your new home as a sort of housewarming gift to yourself.

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