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Adding Value to Your Home Before You Sell

If you’re like many people, you want to earn as much as possible when you sell your home – and fortunately, there are several things you can do to increase what your home is worth. This guide explains just a few; your Naples REALTOR® can give you even more ideas.

Adding Value to Your Home Before You Sell: A How-To Guide

First things first: Not all home improvements and upgrades pay off at the closing table. In fact, some cost more than they’re worth. Before you decide to make any home improvements to sell your house, you should talk to your REALTOR.

With that said, these are the updates that are most likely to add value to a home:

  • Kitchen updates
  • Bathroom updates
  • Extra space
  • Lighting improvements
  • Exterior improvements

Here’s a closer look at each.

Tip #1 for Adding Value to Your Home: Kitchen Updates

Few things turn off prospective buyers like a dated kitchen does, so it may be worthwhile for you to make a few upgrades in that space. Look into:

  • Lighting (including light switch plates). Buyers like to see bright, welcoming kitchens. Also, investing in a new light fixture that casts light all around the room can make it appear larger by eliminating shadows.
  • Dated faucets are a turn-off; buyers like detachable facet heads and touchless faucets. These are typically available at home improvement stores, and many are simple enough to install without professional help.
  • Though you may not have to rip out your countertops and start from scratch, it could be an investment that pays off at the closing table. Talk to your REALTOR about the types of countertops buyers are interested in right now.
  • You may need to reface your cabinets to make them more modern. Because painting and staining cabinets can be a tough job (and because it requires you to at least remove the doors), you may want to hire a professional for this task.

Tip #2 for Adding Value to Your Home: Bathroom Updates

Some of the most important updates to make in bathrooms involve lighting, cabinet space and flooring, though you may need to upgrade your tub or shower if they’re exceptionally dated. You can invest in new light fixtures and install them yourself in most cases, but cabinet space and flooring may require professional help.

Tip #3 for Adding Value to Your Home: Extra Space

Adding a room – whether it’s a bathroom, a new bedroom or loft, or a home office – requires permits and a lot of time; it also requires you to pay a professional (or multiple professionals) to perform the work. After you add extra usable space, you may not want to sell your home – so it’s definitely one of the last improvements you should consider making. If you’re thinking about making large-scale renovations just to sell, you should have a heart-to-heart with your real estate agent first; we’d hate for you to make a huge investment that isn’t necessary to sell your home.

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Tip #4 for Adding Value to Your Home: Lighting Improvements

Lighting is one of the most important factors in many homes. Although it may not be possible or practical for you to add larger windows to every room, it’s certainly possible to find new light fixtures that fit the mood in each space. A good lighting scheme has three elements: task lighting, overhead lighting, and ambient lighting. That may mean investing in light fixtures and lamps; the good news in that scenario is that the lamps go with you to your new home.

In many cases, adding a new light fixture and connecting it to a dimmer switch can make a tremendous difference. Often, this requires an electrician’s help – and your REALTOR can refer you to a local professional if you don’t already have someone in mind.

Tip #5 for Adding Value to Your Home: Exterior Improvements

Prospective buyers start forming their opinion of your home as soon as they see it, so it makes sense to make exterior improvements. Update your landscaping by adding a flagstone walkway or small water feature, add some vibrantly colored potted plants, and keep everything neat to show buyers that your yard is easy to maintain. Trim the bushes and the grass, power-wash the sidewalk and driveway, and make sure your mailbox is freshly painted (or new).

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