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4 Home Upgrades That Buyers Love



4 Home Upgrades That Buyers Love


House hunters who are looking to buy a home in Naples have lots of options when searching for their dream home. Before you put your home on the market, consider these four home upgrades that will be a hit with buyers!

Home Upgrade #1. Creating an Open-Concept Layout

If certain rooms in your home are closed off from one another, which can often be the case in many older residences, living spaces can appear to look and feel smaller. Removing a wall between a kitchen and dining room or a family room and kitchen can help open up your interiors, create better lines of sight between rooms, spread natural light, and enable a better flow for foot traffic—resulting in a floorplan that looks and feels larger, more open, and airy.

Before removing any walls, though, it’s always best to consult a professional contractor to ensure that no load-bearing walls that support the structure of your home are removed. It may be in your best interest to have the contractor perform the work altogether.

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Home Upgrade #2. Creating a Home Office

For years workforces have become increasingly decentralized with more and more individuals working from home. The ability to work from one’s residence makes having a home office in their potential new home all the more necessary. If your home doesn’t have a designated office, creating a space for that purpose can be of utmost importance to homebuyers.

You can convert an existing space in your home into an office. This could be a spare bedroom that’s staged as a workspace by adding a desk, chair, lamp, and a bookshelf, perhaps. Or, you could get even more creative and transform a large walk-in closet into a home office. At the end of a long shift at work a potential buyer will be able to shut the door—or double doors—on a stressful day. If the walk-in doesn’t have a door, you can install one for added privacy.

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Home Upgrade #3. Enhancing the Exterior

Although you may enhance the interior of your home, if the exterior looks like it’s seen better days it could make the difference between buyers doing a rolling stop past your home or stopping because their interest has been piqued and they want to see more. A fresh exterior can be an outward show of just how nice your home is inside. So, remember to pay attention to things like your mailbox. If it is weather beaten or deteriorating, be sure to install a new one. And don’t forget your house numbers. With time they can easily become faded by the intense Florida sun. Be sure to replace them with fresh new ones as well.

If there are portions of your home’s exterior that have paint that has chipped or flaked, or where stucco has formed cracks, it’s worth taking the time to touch-up those areas. If your home has siding that looks dingy, it’s wise to have it power washed for a fresh appearance. And while you’re at it be sure to power wash your driveway, if it’s blemished by motor oil, tire marks, and the like.


Home Upgrade #4. Enhancing Landscaping

Aside from other exterior elements of your home, landscaping is another major component of the curb appeal of your property. A yard that appears well-maintained gives potential buyers the impression that the inside of your home will be just as well-kept. This means doing your best to maintain a green lawn, keeping grass, shrubs and trees trimmed, and even adding some color to your landscape by planting a few flowers. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always add color with potted annuals to accent your doorstep.


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