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5 Major Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling


5 Major Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling


So, your home is on the market and like almost any homeowner you’re hoping that it sells for the best price possible–as soon as possible. Unfortunately, however, your home has been lingering on the market without an offer. There may be many reasons why a potential buyer has not made a love connection.

Consider these five.

Reason #1: Your Home is Overpriced

You love your home, and no one can appreciate its value quite like you. But when it comes to putting your property on the market, the right list price will position your home for a successful sale.

While you may have your heart set on listing your property for a certain amount, it’s best to defer to the pricing structure recommended by your realtor.

A realtor considers a number of factors when establishing a list price, including an evaluation of comparable homes for sale in your area, as well as strategic marketing, to arrive at a price that enables your property to compete with similar ones on the market.

If your home has been lingering on the market without an offer, and you’ve been resistant to pricing recommendations by your realtor, it’s best to acquiesce and leave pricing to the pros.

Reason #2: There’s a Specific Problem With the Condition of Your Home

For many homebuyers, concern about the price of a home comes second to its condition. After a showing, although you may not have received offers on your home, your realtor has the opportunity to get feedback about your residence from house hunters. Your agent can inquire about specific reasons why they passed up on your property.

If the feedback your agent gets has a common thread, you have a problem with your home.

Reason #3: A Lack of Staging

Staged homes sell faster and for more money than ones that aren’t. So, if you’ve vacated your place, it’s not wise to leave it empty. Furnishings warm up your spaces and create an inviting atmosphere for buyers.

It’s important to stage each room in a way that shows buyers how it can be used. Stage a spare bedroom as an office using a desk, chair and a bookshelf. Or as a fitness room using a yoga mat, a pair of free weights, and a large mirror leaned against a wall. It can be that simple.

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Reason #4: Decor That’s Too Specific

If you think that the look of your home doesn’t need any adjustments before you put it on the market, and that it’s ready for open houses and showings, you could be right. But, then again, you’re biased. After all, your home is furnished and decorated to suit your particular preferences.

When your home is on the market, however, your interiors and exteriors should be designed to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Your specific tastes could alienate many house hunters. Instead of your home being a neutral palette where they can envision their futures, they’ll see you and the life you’re trying to leave behind. So, do your best to tone down your specific preferences in decor in order to appeal to a wider audience.

This may mean repainting walls that are covered in colors that appear intense. Or temporarily storing away overly personal knickknacks, photos, and other items, so that buyers can see themselves and not you.

Reason #5: Clutter

You should go through each room in your home and look for areas that need to be decluttered. This could be your kitchen counters, cabinets, and pantry, as well as bathroom counters and cabinets. And don’t forget your bedroom closets. Clutter there can give the appearance of insufficient storage, and ample closet space is a sticking point for a majority of homebuyers.

When it comes to furnishings be sure that your spaces aren’t shrunken by too many pieces. This may mean placing some of your furniture in storage while your home is on the market.

Don’t Worry

If your head is spinning with thoughts about how to incorporate some of these suggestions, don’t worry. Your realtor has a professional pair of fresh eyes and can recommend what you need to take your home to the next level so that house hunters can see that it is a well-kept, spacious residence that’s the perfect fit for their families and futures.

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