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5 Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make When You Buy a Home

If you’re like many people, you find the whole prospect of buying a home exciting, whether it’s your first or your fifth. Regardless of how many homes you’ve purchased in the past, check out these five mistakes that a lot of buyers make – that way, you can avoid them. 

5 Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make When You Buy a Home

First things first: You should only work with an experienced REALTOR® you trust when you’re buying a home. There are so many moving parts to a home deal, and it only makes sense to work with a professional who understands all of them. Once that’s done and the deal is signed, check out these five mistakes to avoid:

  1. Making all the improvements at once
  2. Focusing on the wrong repair people
  3. Letting maintenance slide
  4. Hiring contractors without doing your homework first
  5. Not budgeting for new expenses

Here’s a closer look at each. 

Mistake #1 People Make After Buying a Home: Making All the Improvements at Once

Although it may be tempting, immediately making all the home improvements you want to make can be a mistake. You should hold off until after you’ve lived in your new home for a while, because your dream for your house will most likely change. After you have a clearer view of how you use your home – and how you want to shape it for the future – you can make all the improvements you want.

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Mistake #2 People Make After Buying a Home: Focusing on the Wrong Repair People

You can hire a Jack or Jill of all trades, but it makes sense to work with specialists when you need repairs on your new home. Costs can end up being much higher when you don’t hire a specialist – especially if something is fixed improperly or when the contractor you hire takes much longer than necessary to complete a job.

Mistake #3 People Make After Buying a Home: Letting Maintenance Slide

Home maintenance – even if you’ve just moved in – is never something you want to put on the back burner. You should dive right into routine maintenance, such as changing air filters, checking the batteries in your smoke detectors and keeping tabs on all your appliances. When you think about it, your home is more of a collection of assets, and you need to take care of all of them. 

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Mistake #4 People Make After Buying a Home: Hiring Contractors Without Doing Your Homework First

You should never hire a contractor who isn’t bonded and insured, no matter how small the job is. There are always plenty of ways a job can go wrong, so you need to work with someone whose references you’ve checked and who has the right coverage for the job. Your REALTOR can help point you in the right direction if you’re having a tough time finding a reputable contractor.

Mistake #5 People Make After Buying a Home: Not Budgeting for New Expenses

New homes come with new expenses – they’re not going to be the same as they were with your old home. Sure, you have a handle on the mortgage and the utility bills, but there may be different homeowners association fees, taxes and even regular maintenance costs. Make sure you plan ahead so you know exactly what you’re getting into when you buy a new home – especially if it’s bigger and costlier than your last one.

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